Mapping Macros!

Nutrition goes beyond just a simple caloric intake each day. Maximizing your nutrition means getting the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat (macronutrients) at the right times in the day to keep your metabolism ramped, feel sustained energy and make the most of your efforts in the gym. Each person’s optimal macronutrients are different based off their own unique body composition and activity level.

Let’s be clear here, body composition is NOT ONLY a single number dictated by a small electronic box that lives in the corner of your bathroom. And weight on the scale is NOT ONLY body fat that needs liberated from your thighs. So time to throw the scale and your old ways of thinking out the window.

Did you know that your weight can fluctuate daily by 8-12lbs?! Affected by stress, sleep, water intake, sodium intake, and hormonal changes… the list could go on and on. So do yourself a favor, stop the madness. Living and dying by that ONE number is only going to drive you cray cray!

You might be wondering “OK Amy what IS body composition then?”

Body composition is the internal make up of ALL that is inside your body: muscle, bones, organs, body fat, water, etc. And how do I figure out what my make up is? There are many places where you can do a full body composition scan whether that is a nutrition shop or doctor’s office near you. I highly suggest doing that at the start of any fitness journey, so you can see what is actually happening internally instead of focusing on the changes on the scale because like I said before that scale is a dirty liar!

img_2512Mapping out Kelsey’s optimal macros to drop off the last 12 lbs. of baby weight I had to take all of this into account. Using the magical HellaBella equations to determine her optional macros I landed at the following…

Calories 1908 

Protein 143 grams 

Carbohydrates 55 grams 

Fat 124 grams

Some things taken into account…

  • Kelsey is breast-feeding which means she is burning an additional 400 calories each day producing milk and feeding Max. In order to keep up her milk supply where it should be, we landed at 1908 calories each day. We will be monitoring this closely because YES of course we want her to reach those goals, but not at the expense of sharing that special bonding time with Max.
  • Looking at her protein intake, some of you may be thinking DAMN that is a lot of protein! For the average woman that is a lot because generally women do not getting enough in our diet. We are great at all things CARB related, but often fall short with protein. Ideally, your protein intake should be enough to support your current muscle or just above that to aid in building muscle. If that is your goal of course! Which I mean I hope it is at least little bit because check this! The more sexy lean muscle you have on your body the more you burn at rest. So for example if you are sitting on the couch writing a blog post about macros watching the winter Olympics eating Red Vines… (I may or may not be doing that right now.) The more your body burns at rest. Yup you heard me right, if you put on just a little more muscle on your body then you burn more while eating Red Vines… I mean while at rest. HA HA
  • I am shouting off my soapbox right now… FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT PEOPLE! NO you should not cut out fat to see better results, YES I really want Kelsey to get in 124 grams of fat EACH DAY. Fat regulates so many functions in the body to keep you healthy and without it over an extended period of time you are putting your body at risk of shutting down some of these systems. So eat the fat and be happy about it! You may notice that Kelsey has a significantly higher amount of fat than carbohydrates in her optimal macros, and that is for a few different reasons. One because following a primarily Paleo diet she will be implementing many foods that are higher in fat. Also over time both of us as trainers have experimented with many different macro ratios for ourselves and she has found that after her body LOVES a high fat diet. Finding what works best for you is key!

OK so I have mapped out the methodology,logic and macros behind Honestly Kelsey’s 8-week Post Baby Challenge nutrition plan. I will continue to evaluate and adjust these based off her progress and how she is feeling. So stay tuned this may change because as your body changes so do your macros!

Want to know where your Optimal Macros should be to hit your goals, based off your own individual body composition and activity levels? This is what we do!! Check it out here!

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If you have questions, reach out to me! Here we gooooo!!



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